Protecting rural communities.

Rural security specialists covering the south coast.

Equipment / Plant DNA marking

Mark and track plant machinery and other high value items with the latest DNA security marking. Unique DNA codes identify the owner in the event of a theft. Used by numorous Police forces across the county.

CCTV & Alarms

We supply and fit overt & covert CCTV and alarms allowing remote locations such as gate entrances to be remotely monitored alerting you to any intruders. You can be alerted and access images from anywhere in the world.

Crime prevention & investigation

Working directly with the Police we can ensure any crime reports are presented fully with CPS compliant evidence and full statements produced to ensure a speedy investigation. We also provide covert and overt patrols noting down and challenging any suspicious person or vehicles on or near to your land.


Cash Machine Theft

Plant machinery used in cash machines thefts on the rise

Cash machine thefts involving¬†stolen plant machinery rise at an alarming pace across the UK.¬† Rural residents and businesses are being advised to secure all premises and vehicles in a bid[…]

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Slaughter House

Only 3 months left until all abattoirs in England require CCTV

All slaughterhouses will be required to comply in full by November 5, following an adjustment period of six months to enable businesses to install a suitable CCTV system. The new[…]

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Rural crime Rise

Rural crime in Hampshire up 50%

New figures released by the NFU have revealed rural crime in Hampshire has risen 48.8% compared to the previous 12 months. According to the report the most common items stolen[…]

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ANPR Installation

Every year at harvest season a farm in Hampshire was continuously plagued by poaching & hare coursing. Illegal poachers used the same bridleway track and entered the land numourous times causing damage to crop. ANPR cameras were utilised which caught the culprits in the act. Statements and footage were handed to Police and a conviction under the Hunting Act, Criminal Damage and various vehicle offences were handed down by the court.  

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