Only 3 months left until all abattoirs in England require CCTV

Protecting the rural community

Only 3 months left until all abattoirs in England require CCTV

Slaughter House

All slaughterhouses will be required to comply in full by November 5, following an adjustment period of six months to enable businesses to install a suitable CCTV system.

The new laws require all abattoirs to install and operate a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system, keep CCTV images for 90 days, and make the images available to inspectors.

You commit an offence if you do not:

a) Install a CCTV system that provides a complete and clear image of killing in all
areas of the slaughterhouse where live animals are present;
b) Operate a CCTV system capable of uninterrupted operation;
c) Keep your CCTV system operational and in good working order when live
animals are present;
d) Retain and store data, recordings or images for 90 days from the date of

If found guilty the fine is unlimited.

CCTV is not an expensive outlay. Contact us today on for a free quote asap to ensure compliance before the November 5th deadline.


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