Plant machinery used in cash machines thefts on the rise

Protecting the rural community

Plant machinery used in cash machines thefts on the rise

Cash Machine Theft

Cash machine thefts involving stolen plant machinery rise at an alarming pace across the UK. 

Rural residents and businesses are being advised to secure all premises and vehicles in a bid to reduce the latest cash machine theft craze sweeping the UK. Diggers, dumpers, telihandlers and 4×4’s are being targeted and used to carry out these thefts. In just the last few weeks, Cash machines in Alton, Bishops Waltham, West Meon, Clanfield, Waterlooville and Farnham has all been targeted.

Raids have been taking place in the early hours of the morning often with stolen vehicles used to assist found burnt out near by.

Follow our advice to reduce becoming the next victim:

  • Leave plant equipment in a secure area with alarms and CCTV
  • Try to leave machinery as close to your residential property as possible
  • Mark plant machinery and vehicles with forensic security marking products
  • Install security lighting
  • Install break beam alarms to notify you of any access to a certain area
  • GPS tracking can provide an alarm if the vehicle is on the move
  • Keep a look out and record any suspicious vehicles on your land. Always report to Police on 101.
  • Keep gates locked when not in use

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