CCTV & Alarms

Protecting the rural community

CCTV Supply & Installation

CCTV installed in rural locations has been proven to reduce crime. Just having a camera installed and visible stops opportunistic thieves in their tracks. They are far more likely to target premises with no CCTV coverage. 

Should the worst happen, having up to date high quality HD CCTV is far more likely to help Police in ID purposes and secure convictions in court. 

We also supply and fit remote covert cameras to cover those hard to reach areas. These cameras are brilliant to catch poachers entering your land or fly tippers down country tracks. 

ANPR cameras automatically record vehicle registrations numbers enabling you to view the comings and goings on your premises. Known number plates can be added to the systems alerting you to any unknown vehicles. 

All types of cameras can be monitored live and set to alert you via SMS for intruders.

CCTV Cameras

Alarm Systems

Alarm Panel

We supply conventional alarm systems with phone integration allowing you to set/unset the alarm from anywhere in the world. 

For businesses we can integrate monitoring so that alarms are responded to when you are not around.

Specifically for the rural we also provide alarm systems for:

  • Break beam (Unauthorised gate access)
  • Fuel tanks
  • Temperature sensors
  • Power failure
  • Anti tamper padlocks
  • Perimeter alarms

Free quote / site survey

Trail CCTV Camera

Contact us today by phone or email for a free quote or to arrange a site survey.

We will be able to give an approximate quote for small installs. A larger more complex install will require a free site visit by one of our engineers. 

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