Security Marking

Protecting the rural community

Secure DNA Equipment Protection

DNA security marking provides a unique identifier code which is linked to the owner.

This code is marked onto plant machinery and other property such as ATV’s and tools. In the event of a theft the code will allow Police to identify the property owner and identify any thieves. 

Even when applied outdoors it will protect your property for years. 

The database is used by Police forces from around the world which allows 24/7 access to search for property when recovered or when thieves are apprehended. 

Tractor Police

Cost effective and easy to use

Power Tool DNA

DNA packs covers marking up to 50 items. Each item is marked and then linked to your unique code and store in the database.

Warning signs and stickers are provided to warn of potential thieves. 

The marking of equipment can be done by yourself or by one of our engineers. 

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